“Eucharist” means a thanksgiving celebration, and every week we celebrate God’s love for us and our love for God, through the sacrament of the Holy Communion.

  • Sunday Services  |  9:00 am
  • Sunday School pending
  • Food & fellowship after services in Baker Hall

About Our Services

Currently, we are celebrating with Rite II for all services.

Rite II (Contemporary)

A more contemporary service. Music is sung before, during, and at the end of the Eucharist. Eucharistic Ministers and lectors assist during this service. The Sunday school children come into church to be with their parents for communion during our traditional passing of the peace among the congregation; the peace is a joyous time followed by an inspiring anthem from our choir.

Rite I (Traditional)

A little more traditional in presentation, this service is without music, but not without beauty. It allows those who seek a time for quiet reflection and contemplative prayer to experience God’s Love in a humble setting surrounded by the glory of the Saints in our stained glass windows. Healing prayers follow.