Sunday School

Sunday School introduces students to basic elements of scripture and Episcopal tradition, focusing on God’s love for us, loving each other and prayer. Older students will focus on growing a deeper understanding of scripture and tradition. Weekly lessons correspond to the scriptures read in church. Students also focus on local, regional and world outreach activities.

When does Sunday School meet?

Sunday School runs from September through May and meets each Sunday at 8:50am during normal church hours. Children will join their parents for worship during the peace. Sunday School breaks for the summer, and we encourage parents to bring their children to church with them during that time.

Who can participate?

Sunday School is typically for students in grades K – 8.

Your child may be ready for Sunday School if he or she is easily understood when expressing needs, is able to follow a set of direction, is potty trained and is interested in being with older students.

What activities do students do?

Activities include:

  • Parish spaghetti and pancake dinners
  • Christmas caroling and family pageant
  • Volunteer work at the food bank and Code Purple
  • Participation in Adopt a Family and Home of the Brave programs

Can I volunteer?

All volunteers who work with our young people must take a Safe Church abuse protection and awareness program training. Please contact us if you are interested!